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The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal for People with Chronic Illness

A journal to help us bring mindful, gentle attention to our beleaguered bodies.

I have used a gratitude journal for a couple of years now. Using a generic gratitude journal definitely helped me bring attention to all of the beautiful things in my life. However, I found that the focus was entirely outwards–on other people, food, music, animals, nature, etc. I wanted to find a way to bring gentle, compassionate, mindful attention to my body, so I created The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal for People with Chronic Illness.

People with chronic illness have unique challenges, and those challenges affect our mental health in a massive way. Like so many people with chronic illness, I had developed an attitude of hostility towards my body. I felt my body was the source of all my problems. Between chronic illness, miscarriage, a complicated history with men, and a history of eating disorders, my body felt like a war zone. I needed a way to find some forgiveness and compassion for everything my body has endured, and all of the ways it’s trying so hard to do right by me.

I came up with these prompts and affirmations to help me do just that. Using this journal won’t cure your chronic illness, but it will help you build a better relationship with your body. This journal can help you release anger and blame, turning towards the body you do have with compassion and love.

Please check out the journal here.

Make sure to let me know what you think!


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