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The Best Gifts for People with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

A run down of the best gifts at all price points for the zebra in your life

It’s holiday time, and if you’re like me, you ask your loved ones for exactly that thing you’ve been wanting. None of this, “I’m happy with anything!” crap-ola. I asked a large group of zebras what they thought were the best gifts for EDSers, and I’ve culled together the best suggestions. (Forward this post to your family. They’ll get the hint.)

Alright, let's jump in and get gifting:


Gifts under $20

1. Chargeable hand warmers, to help with that lousy EDS circulation during the cold winter months

2. Doc Miller compression sleeves for calves, because with EDS and often POTS, keeping blood above the knees is a full-time job

3. Loop earplugs to cancel out ambient noise. In the words of one EDS commenter, "Because when the pain is overwhelming, I can't do noise, too."

4. And of course, my gratitude journal: The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal for People With Chronic Illness, to help you take care of your mind as well as your body.

Gifts from $20 to $50

5. A heating pad, because when you've got EDS, that blood isn't gonna warm itself.

6. A pregnancy pillow. No, these are not just for pregnant people. In fact, my EDS specialist told me she thought this would help me all day long. She said that because people with EDS have poor proprioception, we need to feel surrounded at night, so we can feel our bodies in space. All I know is, I sleep so much better since adding this to my bed.

7. A hair dryer stand, so you can prop your hair dryer in and focus on whipping your hair around like Shakira. (Don't really do that. Our necks aren't strong enough.)

Gifts from $50 to $100

8. An electric blanket is nice, but what's even better is an Electric Underblanket. This goes under your sheet to warm up your entire bed. One EDS commenter wrote, "I was kindly bought one to help with heating in my former freezing flat, and I discovered by accident that it made a big difference in my pain levels. It's a win/win. They're also usually super cheap to run, a couple of pennies an hour and given the rising costs in energy, it really makes a difference. You can even get some where you can have controls for both sides so you can have different temperatures or no heat at all. Useful if there is more than one human, our cats also love it."

9. A vabruum. I hadn't heard of this, but after one commenter posted a rave review, I ordered one myself.

Gifts from $100 to $300

10. Cleaning services. Seriously, this is such a helpful gift for anyone with chronic illness. Try to find a local company, or get a recommendation from a friend, so the money goes straight to the cleaner, but if you can't find anyone, use

11. The body braid, to help you hold up your whole body without pain.

12. A great folding chair, so you can go to soccer games and outdoor concerts without worrying about standing.

13. A robot vacuum. I got this for Christmas a few years back and it's a lifesaver. Every spoonie should have one.

Gifts that are $300 to way, way up

14. A zero gravity work station. Several EDS commenters felt that this enabled them to keep working at all, because it reduced their pain and increased their mental energy.

15. A sensory deprivation float pod. These sound amazing. One commenter wrote, I have only been in two types, but imagine you are in a cocoon of warm water and have no additional stimuli or strain. Your body is weightless and supported, so muscles, joints and bones can just let go. No strain or dislocations. Some spasms also felt better after. As there is no extra stimuli my senses and in turn nervous system could really just chillax. (I have clients with anxiety who swears its a huge anxiety disolve for them.) I left feeling like I'd had the ever elusive full night's rest. Totally recharged and relieved."

What am I missing? Comment below!


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