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11 Artists with Chronic Illness Making Amazing Holiday Gifts

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Before you send Jeff Bezos more money, check out these talented spoonies

Just in time for the holidays, I want to share eleven artists living with chronic illness who are making fabulous products. Why not support a spoonie this Christmas instead of giving more money to a big chain? Etsy products can take a while to deliver, so get on this right away!

1. SpoonieSisterShop (Etsy): SpoonieSisterShop is run by spoonie Michelle. She sells awesome shirts, stickers, and other things with beautiful drawings of internal parts of the body, like a spine with flowers around it in honor of scoliosis. She currently has 578 items for sale, so you’re sure to find something you want. My fave is the black sweatshirt with 4 dancing skeletons and the words “FEELS LIKE DEATH.” Ha!

2. CarlysHaven (Etsy): Carly’sHaven is run by spoonie Crystal. I’ve bought lots of gorgeous pairs of earrings here and I highly recommend the shop. She’s currently got 209 beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry. The best part about the shop is that Crystal will make any adjustments necessary for sensitive skin, like subbing out plastic hooks for metal.

3. ChronicIconicDesigns (Etsy): Okay, yes, this is my very new Etsy shop, but I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think the items would make great gifts. I’ve got decals and stickers that say “CURE ABLEISM,” tote bags, pins, and canvas prints. Prices range from $3 to $68. Some are humorous, some are beautiful and inspirational. All are designed by a spoonie, for spoonies.

4. PrettySickDesigns (Etsy): This shop is run by spoonie Heather. Heather mostly makes handmade jewelry, and beautiful cards to send to your spoonie friends and family.

5. Nolie Marie Wilson website, Nolie creates stunning pieces of art, through painting, psanky, writing, photography, resin, and textile art. They also creates custom pieces upon request. Even their website will take your breath away. Nolie has an entire series of artworks painted onto chicken eggshells. Extraordinary.

6. HappyFoxStudio (Etsy): HappyFoxStudio is run by Allison and her children, all of whom have EDS. They create beautiful downloadable art. I think my favorite is 10-year old Maya’s ant block print.

7. is created by spoonie Kayla, under her brand The Spoonie Sisterhood. Kayla creates t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and other products with positive affirmations honoring various illnesses. She also takes requests for specific conditions. My fave might be the tote bag with the word “spoonie,” and a cheery little rainbow underneath.

8. Graceandmagic (Etsy): This shop is run by spoonie Katherine Grace. She creates minimalist Boho planners, journals and more. She’s even got uncommon trackers like a monthly bill printable, a daily agenda printable, and others, and they’re all in beautiful, feminine, neutral colors.

9. Wendevious (Etsy): Wendevious is created by Wendy, who has EDS. Her Etsy shop has incredible artwork, sold as prints, canvas wraps, mugs, and even throw pillows. The style is truly out of this world. I love the “projection” canvas wrap, with green light pouring out of a surreal hole in a woman’s head.

10. Notable Studio (Zazzle): Notable Studio is run by spoonie Chariss. This shop has lots of adorable stocking stuffers, like greeting cards, wrapping paper, mugs and tees. I’m loving the personalized hot chocolate mix.

11. TeacherMadeCo (Etsy): The mission of this Etsy shop is, “Helping children, teens and adults with disabilities.” I can get behind that! The shop has terrific posters, calendars and more. I think my favorite is an adorably designed poster with nine strategies for calming down. The poster is aimed at kids, but honestly, I think we could all benefit.

Support your spoonie tribe and get something awesome

There is something for everyone here, and it’s so important to try and support ill and disabled folks when we can. Why buy something generic, that will only go towards lining a CEO’s pockets, when you could help a fellow spoonie and get something unique?

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